What We Do


We Provide The Following Services

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Inclusion Training and School Consultation

Are you looking to educate a group of people; parents, workers, caregivers, health workers or the general public on inclusion and working with persons with disabilities?

Are you an educational facility or school looking to be inclusive? Are you looking to train your staff to be able to work with and support all kinds of individuals?

Functional Works consults with educational institutions and schools to equip them with the necessary skills, knowledge and equipment to be truly inclusive and cater for a diverse population.

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One-On-One Therapy Sessions

Functional Works provide individualized occupational therapy service to individuals who are unable to carry out everyday activities such as writing, eating, bathing, learning, toileting etc.

These individuals largely comprise of children with neurodevelopmental disorders like Autism, ADHD, cerebral palsy, Down’s syndrome, learning and intellectual disabilities.

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Home Therapy Sessions

Are you finding it difficult to visit the hospital or clinic? Let your therapist come to you!
Therapy in the home environment is effective because clients spend a lot of their time at home and hence can be observed in their natural setting. Thus the environment can be modified to accommodate their needs.

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Sensory Room Designing


Are you a special school, clinic or facility looking to create a sensory room?

Are you a parent with a child with sensory processing difficulties? Do you need a space where your child can let off steam and relax? Are you tired of chasing your child around the house to ensure their safety?

Let us design a safe space custom-made for your child to relax and self regulate.